Equipment Repair

& Advice

We have a service team with years of experience ready to diagnose and repair any pool issues that you are having. We are experienced with all types of systems new and old.

We think we are the best in the business. Passionate about communication, we can work together with you, discuss the options that best suit your situation and will provide long term solutions so you can get the best out of your Swimming Pool.

Pool Pump Repair/Replacement

If your pool pump is noisy, leaking or has stopped completely, we can assess and provide solutions for you.

Salt Chlorination Repair/Replacement

If you salt chlorinator if over 5 years, or has stopped working for some reason, we can provide solutions for you.

Automatic Dosing System Repair/Replacement

Whether it is a general annual service, or a repair, our experienced team can help.

Freephone 0800 998 659

Filter Servicing/Media Change

If the sand in the filter is over 5 years, or it is leaking then we can quote you the work required to get your pool filtration back on track.

Pool Pump Shed Reconfiguration

If your pool equipment it tired, or the plumbing in the shed needs a rethink or you just want a professional looking pool shed then let us know, we are the best in the business.

Robotic Cleaner Repairs

Broken down? Getting old? Or you want the latest in robotic cleaning technology, give us a call and we can talk through the options.


We are proud to offer a high level of service to Auckland pool owners. Read some of our recent references here.