Equipment Sale & Install


Partridge Pools are New Zealand distributors of the state of the art Theralux range of pool equipment. We offer a full supply and install service throughout Auckland.

Theralux is a leading brand in pool equipment, offering high-performance Pumps, Filters, Heaters, and Mineral Systems. Our pool equipment is designed to help keep your pool clean and running at its best. Theralux products require low maintenance, and provide superior performance.

& Filters



Featuring the latest innovations and technology, the TVS Pro variable speed pool pump delivers adjustable water flow and energy savings at the push of a button.

TH_Single Speed Pool and Spa Pump__795 (1)

Single Speed Pump

Featuring the latest innovations and technology, the Single Speed Pool Pump delivers efficient water flow at the push of a button. This robust pool pump is compatible with every filtration system and performs at high flow rates.

Mineral Pool Chlroinators

TH_Digital Chlorinator _No Cell__620

Digital Chlorinator Pro

Advance mineral cleansing technology. Fully automated and highly energy efficient swimming pool sanitation system.


Eclipse Chlorinator

The Eclipse Chlorinator is durable, low maintenance and easy to use. Packed with all the features you need to ensure your pool water is clear and healthy all year long.

Pool Heat Pumps

TH_Heat Pro_Front Effect__574

Heat Pro Inverter Series - Horizontal/Vertical

Harnessing nature’s warmth, the Heat Pro uses inverter technology to save on energy costs. As it reaches the desired temperature, the revolutionary variable speed compressor decreases consumption, cutting energy use by up to 30%.



Pool+ Manager

Manage and control your pool, spa, heating, and garden lighting from the palm of your hand, in one easy-to-use pool management system app, from anywhere in the world. Pool+ Manager brings simplicity to owning and operating a pool.