Frequently Asked Questions

Partridge Pools have over 40 Years experience in the world of swimming and spa pools, and in that time we have pulled together some hints and tips for looking after your pool:

Still have questions? Talk to a pool specialist


Still have questions? Talk to a pool specialist

This seems like a pretty obvious topic, but you would be surprised at how many pool owners just simply aren’t sure on where it should be and why.

Too Low

If your pool water level is too low, you will need to fill it with water to avoid damage to your pump and prevent circulation issues.

Too High

If your pool water level is too high, it will stop the skimmer from being able to skim leaves etc off the surface of the pool. This excess water will eventually evaporate during the summer months, or you may wish to use this opportunity to give your filter a good backwash, or do some vacuuming to waste.

Just right

To check if your water level is correct, look for the rectangular box on the side of your pool, just under the top of the pool (where the skimmer basket lives). The water should be half way up this rectangle.

If we had a dollar for every different way that a customer had told us how they backwash their filter we would be way too rich. Incorrect backwashing can have a very negative effect on your pool so here’s how it should actually be done:

  1. Switch the pool pump off
  2. Move the handle on top of the filter to the ‘backwash’ position
  3. Switch the pool pump on, and watch the sight glass on the filter. It should turn dirty and then slowly become clear again (usually 1 – 2 minutes)
  4. Switch the pool pump off
  5. Move the handle on top of the filter to the ‘rinse’ position
  6. Switch the pool pump on for 10 – 20 seconds
  7. Switch the pool pump off
  8. Move the handle on top of the filter back to the filter position
  9. Switch the pool pump on (this is normal operating position)

This is actually a myth, however we suggest that you keep this legend alive so that your kids can continue to pass it down through the generations – oh yeah, and also to keep your pool clean.

Yes we do, we have a wide variety of pool systems under our care now. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a plan for your specific set up.

hese doors are called weir doors and are quite often missing from skimmers, they do however play an important role in creating a slight waterfall effect which draws the surface water into the skimmer at a faster rate. This means you skim more leaves and helps to increase the pool circulation.

They also stop the debris in your skimmer basket from floating back into the pool when your pump switches off. We definitely recommend you make sure you have one in your skimmer.

Yes, we sure can!

We have a full range of parts and hardware which we can supply to you. We also have a team of experienced service technicians who can sort out any technical issues that you may experience.

If a pool is kept balanced over the winter months it will avoid the following situations:

  • Damage to pool equipment (pipes, fittings, filter, excess moisture in pumps causing pump failure etc)
  • Damage to pool surfaces (poor balance can cause etching and staining to your pool surface)
  • Costly chemical start ups at the beginning of the summer
  • Harboring of algae which then blooms as soon as temperatures rise causing a sudden green pool


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