We have collected a few tips on pool care over the years. From Water Clarity to the importance of correct water chemistry.

A build up of debris in your pool can have a negative effect on your pool for a number of reasons. Leaves and organic matter can attract the chlorine from your water which stops it from being useful in keeping your water clear. Debris can also cause staining and damage to your pool surface.

The big ‘scare’ factor for pool owners and shock horror - it is not always related to a lack of chlorine…

This seems like a pretty obvious topic, but you would be surprised at how many pool owners just simply aren’t sure on where it should be and why…

What is clear when it comes to a pool? Your clear to me might be cloudy, or vice versa.

A good benchmark is that you should be able to make a coin out if it was lying on the floor in the deep part of your pool, here are some pointers to help us clarify…(no pun intended?)

If we had a dollar for every different way that a customer had told us how they backwash their filter we would be way too rich.

Incorrect backwashing can have a very negative effect on your pool so here’s how it should actually be done.

Time to stop staring at the top of your sand filter with confusion (sand filter; the big plastic bowl thing in your pump shed).

The Following are the Pool Panthers ideal parameters for Swimming Pool Water Chemicals.

This is one of the ‘Big Boys’ of looking after a pool. If you don’t have good circulation all sorts of problems can rear their head.

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