Pool Tips

Debris (Leaves, Dust, Dirt)

A build up of debris in your pool can have a negative effect on your pool for a number of reasons. Leaves and organic matter can attract the chlorine from your water which stops it from being useful in keeping your water clear. Debris can also cause staining and damage to your pool surface.

If there is a LOW DEBRIS BUILD UP, the pool should be vacuumed using your manual vacuuming equipment. Keep the filter set to “Filter” for this, however, if the debris that you want to eliminate is very fine, almost dust like, then you may need to vacuum it with the filter set to “Waste”. this will ensure that the debris does not return into the pool. Please note, the water will empty if you do choose to vacuum on “waste”.

If there is a HEAVY DEBRIS BUILD UP, you may find that it is easier to remove the majority of it by using a leaf scoop, and then vacuuming the remainder.

Do you need an AUTOMATIC CLEANER? These are very helpful for busy people, and pools which are surrounded by lots of trees. Please contact us to find out more on the automatic cleaner which would best suit your pool.

We are able to supply you with any vacuuming or scooping equipment that you may need. Please contact us to arrange delivery.