Pool Tips


This is one of the ‘Big Boys’ of looking after a pool. If you don’t have good circulation all sorts of problems can rear their head.

  • Is there enough water CIRCULATION? It is important that there is water movement throughout the whole pool. Circulation can be effected by a struggling pump, a full skimmer basket and/or hair and lint pot in the pool pump. A cracked skimmer basket or hair and lint pot can have serious implications for your pool and equipment. Please contact us for replacement baskets, or for further solutions to poor circulation. We can also arrange for your pump to be serviced.
  • Have you BACKWASHED THE FILTER? The big round thing in your filter shed is a sand filter. This is full of sand which catches all the dead algae, dirt, greases etc and is the main thing that keeps your pool clear. After a week of filtering, the sand in the filter gets very dirty, and its ability to allow water to flow through efficiently is hindered, slowing your circulation. Backwashing your filter will clean the sand and enable maximum filtration to happen again. A key way to tell if your filter needs backwashing is by looking at the pressure gauge. It will rise as the sand becomes ‘fuller’ of dirt etc. It is important to note that sand has an average life expectancy of 4 – 5 years. Please contact us if you suspect that your filter sand has reached the end of its useful life, we can also supply replacement pressure gauges.
  • Is the WATER LEVEL HIGH ENOUGH? If the water level is too low, or your pump lid is not on properly, it will cause your pump to surge and starve for water, seriously hindering your pool circulation and the life of your pump. Please top up your pool with water to eliminate this issue.