Pool Tips

Water Chemistry

The Following are the Pool Panthers ideal parameters for Swimming Pool Water Chemicals.

Total Alkalinity

  • Concrete Pool ideal 80-125ppm
  • Fibreglass / Vinyl pool or spa pools ideal 125-175ppm

Alkalinity holds the pH in place. If the alkalinity levels are low, it pulls the pH down causing the water to become acidic. Acidic water can corrode pool equipment, destroy pool plaster and cause bather irritation.


  • Concrete/Fibreglass/Vinyl pool or spa pools ideal 7.4-7.6

Low pH can cause corrosion of equipment and pool surfaces, eye and skin irritation. Chlorine finds it hard to do its job if the pH is low. High pH can cause scaling on the pool surface and equipment. Chlorine finds it hard to work if the pH is high.

Calcium Hardness

  • Concrete Pool ideal 200-275ppm
  • Fibreglass/Vinyl pool 125-175ppm
  • Spa pool 100-200ppm

Water needs calcium. If we don’t feed the pool water calcium then the water will draw it from where ever it can get it, this can cause pool surfaces to deteriorate and appear patchy. Excessive calcium can cause water cloudiness.

Cyanuric Acid

  • Concrete/Vinyl/Fibreglass pool 30-100ppm
  • Spa Pools n/a

A lack of Cyanuric acid in the water will cause chlorine loss. The Cyanuric acid acts as a sun screen for the chlorine, preventing the UV rays from drawing the chlorine out of the water before it does any work in the pool.

Total Chlorine

  • Concrete/Vinyl/Fibreglass pool and spa pools 1-5ppm

A lack of total chlorine in a pool can cause the water to become unhealthy. Chlorine destroys bacteria in the pool water.

Free Chlorine

  • Concrete/Vinyl/Fibreglass pool and spa pools 1-5ppm

Low Free Chlorine can cause water cloudiness and algae build up.

T.D.S (Total Dissolved Solids)

  • Concrete/Vinyl/Fibreglass pool <2500
  • Spa Pools <1500

When the TDS becomes higher than the desired level, the chlorine can’t become part of the water, causing cloudiness and an unhealthy environment making the body of water unsafe to swim in.

Metals (Copper & Iron)

  • Concrete/Vinyl/Fibreglass pool and spa pools 0